Creative Learning Initiative Announces Leadership, Excellence Award Winners

The lead partners of the Creative Learning Initiative—MINDPOP, Austin ISD and the city of Austin—on May 19 announced the 2015 Creative Learning Leader Award nominees and winners for the Award of Excellence.

The awards recognize the leadership and excellence in creative teaching of talented teachers and principals participating in the Creative Learning Initiative.

Nominating essays written by principals, teachers, AISD staff, community arts partners and parents were reviewed by a panel of eight people representing the three lead partners.


  • Jessica Garcia, Cunningham Elementary
  • John Green-Otero, Brentwood Elementary
  • Laurie Pena-Brooks, Kealing Middle School
  • Johnna Pridgeon, St. Elmo Elementary
  • Melissa Ramos, Boone Elementary
  • Dixie Yoder, Pleasant Hill Elementary        


  • Melissa Adams, Ridgetop Elementary
  • Diana Adamson, McCallum High School
  • Marisa Arredondo, Becker Elementary
  • Tim Bjerke, McCallum High School
  • Jessica Bowden, Blackshear Elementary
  • Sandy Branch, Joslin Elementary
  • Amy Campney, Becker Elementary School
  • Monica Champion, Linder Elementary
  • Stefannie Cundiff, Dawson Elementary
  • Jack Geiser, Brentwood Elementary
  • Jennifer Gallop, Dawson Elementary
  • Nancy Glass, Maplewood Elementary
  • Eliza Gordon, Reilly Elementary
  • Heather Hughes, Pleasant Hill Elementary
  • Courtney Jepson, Joslin Elementary
  • Julie Joliffe, Brentwood Elementary
  • Jessica Kamphaus, Galindo Elementary
  • Stephanie Kranchick, Maplewood Elementary
  • Dora Lopez, Becker Elementary
  • Saray Maldonado, Widén Elementary
  • Sherri Moe, Uphaus Elementary
  • Kim Moncus, Sunset Valley Elementary
  • Kristen Murray, Fulmore Middle School
  • Maria Perez, Blackshear Elementary
  • Tracy Perry, Travis High School
  • Joy Poole, St. Elmo Elementary
  • Corene Roberts, Widen Elementary
  • Stephanie Roquemore, Boone Elementary
  • Jessica Schmahl, Williams Elementary
  • Robyn Turner, Crockett High School
  • Carey West, McCallum High School
  • Sarah Wright, Fulmore Middle School
  • Theresa Wood, Brentwood Elementary