Addressing Time Worked During Delayed Start & District Closure Days

Austin ISD is providing guidance related to honoring the time worked by employees to ensure safety and preparedness in the areas of transportation, facilities, food services and police operations during the series of bad weather days where the district has either had delayed starts or complete closures.   

Given this situation, those employees who worked during the period of delayed starts and district closures will be compensated with a choice of comp time at a straight time rate or straight pay, at the employees’ discretion, for the time worked.  These employees will need to meet with their immediate supervisors to document the time worked and communicate the amount of time worked to the designated timekeeper. This timekeeping adjustment will need to be entered manually by each timekeeper into Workforce for each of the bad weather days listed below. 

2013-14 Austin ISD Bad Weather Days
Delayed Start Dates
District Closure Dates
December 6, 2013
January 24, 2014
February 6, 2014
January 28, 2014
February 11, 2014
February 7, 2014

Should the district experience any additional bad weather days, the above practice will be followed to ensure that district operations are safe and prepared to welcome its students.