Do's and Don'ts: Discussing the AISD Bond Election

In February, the Board of Trustees adopted an order calling for a bond election for May 11, 2013. Austin voters will be asked whether or not to authorize the school district to issue up to $892.2 million in bonds. 

State law prevents school districts from using public funds or resources to advocate for or against a bond. It also impacts what district employees can say in regards to the bond. Below are a few helpful tips on what employees can and can't say about the bond.

As an employee you can:

  • Provide factual information in English and Spanish about the bond
  • Provide factual information about proposed projects and costs associated with the projects
  • Provide information on voting times and locations
  • Provide factual information on student growth, performance data, tax rate impact and age/condition of facilities under consideration 
As an employee do not:
  • Use district funds or resources to advocate any outcome of the bond.
  • Allow another party to distribute flyers, or any other materials advocating for or against the bond, during an AISD sponsored event.  

Contact AISD's legal office at 414-2412, or the Department of Public Relations and Multicultural Outreach at 414-2414, for additional information. 

To find more information on how state law impacts your communications about the bond, please also visit the Texas Election Code and the Texas Ethics Commission websites.

The district has launched a comprehensive website with school-by-school information about the bond. A new hotline also is available to provide information about the different propositions. Just call 414-BOND.