In May 2013, voters approved a $489.7 million bond program to support technology, transportation and energy conservation, and address critical renovations and improvements at facilities across the district.

The largest portion of the program includes $349.1 million for repairs and renovations to aging schools (the average age is over 40 years), including replacing old air conditioning and plumbing and fixing leaky roofs. This portion includes work at every school in the district.

Academic and Building Infrastructure Renovations and Repairs

Facility systemic repairs $311,222,000
Individual campus plans $25,461,000
Libraries campus improvements $12,482,000
Total $349,165,000

An additional $140.5 million is allocated for upgrading technology to ensure access for all students, building new science and technology labs, adding new school buses and improving energy conservation. 

Health, Environment, Equipment and Technology

Food services campus improvements $6,391,000
Maintenance, facility and equipment $9,540,000
Transportation district-wide $14,310,000
Technology district-wide $81,000,000
Classroom/science labs fixtures and equipment $9,325,000
Energy conservation district-wide $20,000,000
Total $140,566,000



The 2013 Bond Program will be carried out using a five- to six-phase implementation schedule. Work for the phase I projects is currently in the planning stages, and the four to five subsequent phases will start every year. 

The implementation schedule for the program was developed to achieve the following objectives: 

  • Address school bus purchases, technology upgrades and classroom furniture / equipment purchases with phased implementation.
  • Make improvements to existing building systems (roofs, HVAC systems, etc.) that are close to failure or to halt the further deterioration of those systems and prevent additional collateral damage.
  • Address other high priority needs at campuses as outlined in the attached plan.
  • Distribute the projects across the district for each year of the implementation schedule.
  • Manage the construction bidding schedules of projects, total dollar volume of work underway at one time, and concentration of specific elements of work in progress to maximize the competitiveness of the bids and ensure that the available construction workforce in the Central Texas area can accommodate the overall volume and nature of the work without paying an undue premium

View the comprehensive 2013 Bond Program Implementation Plan.

Planning and preparations for the first phase of 2013 Bond Program projects is underway. For a detailed list of the individual projects scheduled for the first phase of implementation, view the Phase I Prospectus


On October 28, 2013, the Board of Trustees appointed volunteer citizens to the Community Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) to ensure the projects remain faithful to the voter-approved bond program scope of work and to monitor and ensure the bond projects are completed on time, with quality and within budget. For more information about the CBOC, including a list of the members and meeting agendas and materials, visit the CBOC page.