Member lists

Role Name Title
Parent Richard Kelly Austin High School
Community Heather Shaw Community Member
Business Jessica Bazan O’Connell Robertson
Community Alberto Gonzalez Community Member
Central Staff Carla De La Rosa Safe Schools Review Administrator
Community Paul Mitchell Community Member
Counselor Debra Austrum Sunset Valley Elementary
Assistant Principal Melinda Vanhorn Akins High School
Parent Nicole Hepburn Ann Richards MS
Community Genevieve Dell Community Member
Parent Shelly Grabe Greenleaf
Business David Smith United Way
Central Office Dr. Gloria Williams Assistant Superintendent of Student Support Services
ACPTA Rep. Kerry H. Alexander ACPTA Representative
Central Office Dr. Dru McGovern-Robinett Assistant Superintendent of Special Education Programs
Central Office Katrina Bailey Executive Director of Office of School Leadership
Central Office Heather Petruzzini Special Assistant to the Superintendent
Central Office Oscar Rodriguez Chief Officer of Technology
Business Snow White Intel
Principal Andrew Bailey Eastside High School
Principal Cedric Maddox Covington Middle School
Counselor Pamela Jessie Alternative Learning Center
ED Austin Ken Zafaris Education Austin Rep.
Community Helen Miller Community Member
CIS Sharon Vigil Communities in School
Central Office Carolyn Hanschen Executive Director Office of Accountability & Assessment
Central Office Dr. Jacob Reach Chief Officer of Intergovernmental Relations & Board Services
Central Office Patricia Rodriguez Deputy Superintendent Teaching, Leading & Learning
Central Office Oscar Adams Director of Discipline Standards & Accountability