Brooke Art Transition Task Force

Brooke Art Transition Task Force

Protecting and honoring the beautiful murals and artwork at Brooke Elementary School, many of which were created by east Austin artists, is a priority for the district. The artwork is an expression of the community, and the district is committed to working closely with community members to identify a location for the pieces to be displayed for future generations to enjoy.


  • Facilitate public comment at each meeting
  • Establish a timeline and calendar
  • Research the history behind the artwork
  • Discuss potential locations and contingency plans for each art piece
  • Make recommendations on the future home of each art piece


The Task Force is composed of 10 community volunteers who are committed to meeting 4-5 times to see through the completion of their charge. Membership includes a combination of the following representatives:

  • Former Brooke parents, students and staff
  • Parents and/or staff from Govalle and Linder Elementary Schools
  • Community members
  • Local artists and/or art professionals


While the Task Force works through its charge, the artwork will be safely stored at Brooke Elementary School.

The Task Force may be asked to develop contingency plans until the future use of the Brooke Elementary site is determined. For example, the first preference may be to keep some of the art pieces at the site if the repurposing solution allows, while moving the artwork to a new location might be proposed as a “plan B.” For more information on the district’s school repurposing planning, please visit


In November 2019, the Austin ISD Board of Trustees approved several School Changes proposals to bring better learning environments and academic opportunities to students, staff and community. As part of that plan, Brooke Elementary closed at the end of the 2019-20 school year. Students who were zoned to Brooke who live north of Lady Bird Lake are assigned to the modernized Govalle and those who live south of Lady Bird Lake are assigned to Linder Elementary School. Brooke transfer students were provided a continuation transfer to Govalle if requested.