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Twilight Evening School Program provides all AISD high school students options for regaining lost credits.  The program assists students who are at risk of dropping out by offering credit recovery at the extended hours of 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm, Monday–Thursday.  *Healthy snacks are provided. Bus passes available as needed.  Child care is provided at some sites.   Enrolled students MUST first visit their school counselor to be referred to the program.

For more information on Twilight, please call (512) 414-0129



Akins High School

Anderson High School

Austin High School

Bowie High School

Crockett High School

Eastside Memorial High School

Lanier High School

LBJ Early College High School

McCallum High School

Reagan Early College Start High School

Travis High School



Algebra I - II, Biology, Chemistry, Comm. Apps, Earth Science, Economics, English I - IV, Geometry, Goverment, Health, IPC, Math Models, Physics, Pre-calculus, Reading I - II, Spanish I, U.S. History, World Geography, World History



  1. How does Twilight work?
  • A student can regain lost course credit during extended evening hours.  In order for a student to participate in Twilight he/she must be enrolled at an AISD high school. The student must meet with their respective school counselor to ascertain which course(s) the student needs to recover. The counselor then fills out an application. Upon the student’s first day of Twilight attendance, he/she must submit this application to a Twilight staff member. 
  1. What is the benefit of attending Twilight?
  • Students in need of credit recovery can regain credits faster rather than retaking the course in regular-day school.  Students have the opportunity to get one-on-one assistance with coursework.
  1. How can I sign up to participate in Twilight?
  • You must FIRST see your counselor to discuss which classes you need to recover.  After your counselor fills out and signs the referral/application, bring that form with you to your first Twilight class.
  1. What are the hours of Twilight?
  • Monday – Thursday, 4:30pm to 7:30pm.
  1. Who can participate in Twilight?
  • Any student who is enrolled at an AISD high school can participate in Twilight.
  1. Do I have to be enrolled in school to participate in Twilight?
  • Yes.
  1. Who should I meet with first before attending Twilight?
  • You should meet with your counselor first before attending Twilight.
  1. Can I attend only evening school?
  • This is rare, but possible, The campus administrator at your high school must make that decision, and you must be enrolled at that home campus.
  1. Is transportation provided?
  • Capitol Metro bus passes are provided, as needed.
  1. I am a parenting student who wants to attend Twilight.  Is child care provided?
  • Child care is availabe at most Twilight campuses. Please contact Twilight staff for details. Applications must be completed on site before children can attend. 



 2016 - 2017 Semester Dates


Tuesday, Sept 6First day of Twilight
Monday, Sept 10Holiday-No Twilight
 Nov 21-25 Holiday-No Twilight
Wednesday, Dec 14Last day of Twilight
Dec 21- 31Holiday



Jan 2-3 Holiday-No Twilight
Monday, Jan 9 First day of Twilight
Monday, Jan 16 Holiday-No Twilight
Tuesday, Jan 31First day of Jumpstart (High school)
Tuesday, Feb 7First day of Ignite (Middle school)
Mon, Feb 20Holiday-No Twilight
Thurs, Mar 9Last day of Jumpstart (HS) and Ignite (MS)
Mar 13-17 Spring Break-No Twilight
Friday, April 14  Holiday-No Twilight
Thursday, May 18Last day of Twilight



Twilight Evening School Program
Department of School, Family and
Community Education
3908 Avenue B, Suite 104
Austin, TX 78751




Stacie Holiday
Baker Center
Office: 512-414-0144

Sheryl Sherman
Program Liaison
Baker Center
Office: 512-414-0150

Cathy Requejo
Project Supervisor
Baker Center  
Office: 512-414-0121

Judy Tovar
Baker Center  
Office: 512-414-0129



Alexia Maldonado
Twilight Graduation Coach
Lanier High School
Office: 512-841-2518

David Torres
Twilight Graduation Coach
Travis High School 
Office: 512-971-7558

Dylan Gerald
Twilight Graduation Coach
Akins High School
Office: 512-841-9987

Jerell Blount
Twilight Graduation Coach
LBJ Early College High School
Office: 512-414-7069

Jesus Arreola
Delta Teacher
Austin High School
Office: 512-414-7237

and Diana Trimino
Graduation Coach (campus based)
Austin High School
Office: 512-841-1910

Jodi Granado 
Twilight Graduation Coach
Eastside Memorial & International High Schools
Office: 512-414-0859

Kiersten Fernandez 
Twilight Graduation Coach
Bowie High School
Office: 512-414-7337

Larry Walker
Graduation Coach (campus based)
McCallum High School
Office: 512-414-2519

Raquel Orozco
Twilight Graduation Coach
Crockett High School
Office: 512-841-1660

Tiffany Roberson
Assistant Principal
Reagn High School
Office: 512-414-3851

Wilretta Collins
Campus Test Specialist
Anderson High School
Office: 512-414-6326