Austin ISD Superintendent Stephanie Elizalde's Statement on Governor's Mask Order

Per the Governor’s order, Austin ISD is asking that everyone continue to wear masks on campus and district sites until June 4 because students are only beginning to get vaccinated. Since the Governor’s executive order forbids mask mandates after June 4, it has become all the more critical to increase vaccinations for our students 12 and up and their families now and throughout the summer.

We know masks prevent COVID-19 from spreading, and there is nothing in the Governor’s order that forbids people from wearing masks. It only means we cannot require them. We encourage everyone to use their common sense and continue to follow advice from scientists when it comes to protecting themselves from the coronavirus.

Last Thursday, the CDC strongly encouraged those who are not vaccinated to wear masks when they are around others who are not members of their households. We are reviewing our options to ensure that our staff and students are safe throughout this pandemic. In the meantime, we strongly encourage our students and their families to get vaccinated at their local doctor’s office, a pharmacy, or our frequent popup clinics and to wear masks until they are fully vaccinated. Check the Austin ISD calendar for details.