Every day is Earth Day at AISD: Celebrating and highlighting a greener planet

Throughout this week, Austin ISD is celebrating and highlighting ways in which the school community can take a moment to think about how they can make the earth and our community a better place and act to protect the planet.

This year’s Earth Week website offers fun ways to engage and act from school and from home.

Today, on Earth Day is Turn-it-off Thursday where teachers are turning out the lights and watching Thirst for Power, a documentary to teach students about the energy and water nexus and includes a live question and answer session.

Throughout the year, the district embraces sustainability not only to help our planet but also as an educational tool to provide a challenging and inspiring curriculum to our students. The sustainability program seeks to build a culture of environmental awareness and action at schools and the community we serve.

The following facts highlight some Districtwide sustainability successes:

  • Over 13,000 tons of waste diverted by composting and recycling at all schools.
  • 15,500 trees inventoried since 2017.
  • On track to have 48 certified green buildings by the end of 2022.
  • 76 Austin ISD schools actively pursuing an Eco-School Certification from the National Wildlife Federation.
  • $1.14M Water/wastewater cost-saving since 2017.
  • $2.66M Energy cost savings since 2017.
  • $722,358 Energy cost savings from solar since 2013.

For more information about the sustainability program visit the website.

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