AISD Equity Officer Joins Harvard Program

Austin ISD’s Equity Officer Dr. Stephanie Hawley will be participating in a program with the Harvard Graduate School of Education called Bravely Confronting Racism in Higher Education.

Bravely Confronting Racism in Higher Education is a new program that will enable participants to effectively confront issues of inequality and racism within higher education from various perspectives. 

As part of the program, Dr. Hawley will participate in a panel discussion on how practitioners can start or continue their personal journeys as anti-racist leaders.

“I am honored to participate in this important and forward-thinking program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education,” Dr. Hawley said. “As institutions work on developing and implementing anti-racist policies, it’s vital that we participate in these crucial dialogues.”

The driving idea behind the program is that work on anti-racism is an ongoing process that should not rest on the shoulders of BIPOC (black, Indigenous and people of color) education leaders.

“Having Dr. Hawley participate in this program shows that Austin ISD leaders can help effect change not only in our campuses, but that we are thought leaders across the nation as well,” said Superintendent Stephanie Elizalde. “I know Dr. Hawley brings her expertise and experience to support educational equity at Austin ISD, and now higher education leaders participating in this program can learn from the expertise she brings to our district.”

The panel will take place on April 5 and will be open to program participants.

About Dr. Stephanie Hawley 
Stephanie Hawley is a veteran P-20 educator, administrator and educational consultant who serves as Austin ISD’s inaugural equity officer. Previous to serving as Austin ISD's equity officer, she served as a community college and university administrator at Austin Community College, City Colleges of Chicago, Oklahoma City University and adjunct professor at Del Mar College, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and Winthrop University.

In her current position, Stephanie works in collaboration with senior leaders to promote systemic change to support equitable outcomes for underserved student groups. She also leads work that directly supports leadership development for anti-racism and inclusiveness; relationship and community-building; data collection, analysis and use; and research-based practices to disrupt inequitable educational practices.