AISD Increases Compensation for Transportation Staff

Austin ISD has partnered with the Texas Association of School Boards to better support its transportation employees with compensation that is competitive with surrounding districts.

Austin ISD completed a pay analysis of district transportation positions to ensure that pay is both internally fair between positions and competitive within the job market. Based on this analysis, some transportation employees will see an increase to their hourly rate in addition to the board approved two percent cost-of-living increase passed in June this year.

All transportation employees were analyzed for adjustments. Based on their position and years of experience, they could see an increase to their hourly rate that more closely aligns with market values. Because this adjustment is not a standard percentage, and varies based on the position, not all employees' hourly rate will be adjusted other than the board-approved two percent increase. Adjustments were needed for employees whose pay rates were below the standard minimums for their position and years of experience.

The starting salary for a new bus driver in AISD has increased to $17 per hour as of July 1, 2020. The market adjustments will be retroactive to July 1. Increases will be reflected in the Sept. 18 paycheck for bi-weekly employees, and the Sept. 30 paycheck for monthly employees. 

All employees will receive an individual email that shows their exact percentage increase and new hourly rate for the 2020-21 school year. Since all employees will receive a two percent increase, any additional increase over two percent will be the employee's market adjustment.