Austin ISD to Provide Summer Family Support

Austin ISD will be providing support to all district families through the Parent Support Specialists program during the summer, through July 31.

Eighteen parent support specialists, three part-time family support coordinators and one social service specialist will be available to engage and support families. Parent Support Specialists traditionally work with Title 1 campuses during the school year, however, as part of the additional summer supports, all families will be able to access the knowledge and support of the program. 

The following services will be available for families: 

  • Connecting families in need with internal and external resources.

  • Providing and coordinating educational opportunities for parents and guardians so that they can assist their child in summer learning.

  • Conducting information sharing events to enhance understanding of the district's re-opening school plans.

  • Communicating with and engaging families in multiple ways to keep them informed of district activities.


Families who are interested in connecting with a Parent Support Specialist may contact Jennifer Vasquez in the Parent Engagement Support Office at 512-414-0726 or at