Austin ISD celebrates its fifth anniversary of Maestro en Casa

Austin ISD celebrates the fifth year of teaching non-native English speakers basic English lessons through the Maestro en Casa, Teacher at Home program. This Saturday more than 120 parents will graduate from the program.
Maestro en Casa teaches non-native English speakers Basic English lessons and life skills-from making a doctor's appointment to buying a home.
The program is aimed at encouraging parents to resume their studies, by pursuing their GED or continuing their English as a Second Language studies.
When: 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday, April 27
Where: Austin ISD Performing Arts Center, 1500 Barbara Jordan Blvd.
What: In addition to the Maestro en Casa graduation ceremony, there will be a resource fair to provide educational opportunities for families. This year's program will be bilingual English-Spanish.
Background: Since 2015, Austin ISD has been implementing Maestro en Casa, a practical and simple English-language learning and life skills program. Basic English lessons help adult learners navigate common American situations and systems. The lessons are supplemented and enhanced with six culturally effective workbooks, each covering a different subject.
Aided by trained Parents Support Specialists in 21 schools, parents attend free classes in their schools and graduate at the end in a ceremony wearing caps and gowns.
Maestro en Casa is a partnership between AISD and the Mexicans and Americans Thinking Together Foundation.