Immunization Requirements for AISD Students

AUSTIN, TX—As families prepare their children for the back-to-school season, Austin ISD reminds parents that students must have their immunizations before the first day of school Aug. 26. Otherwise, parents will be asked to obtain the needed vaccines for their child before the student is allowed to return to class.

The Texas Department of Health requires students to have current immunizations to attend school unless an exemption has been filed at their school in accordance with the Texas Education Code. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports there are 16 diseases preventable with childhood vaccines, including chickenpox (varicella), diphtheria, seasonal flu, Haemophilus influenza type b, hepatitis A, hepatitis B and tetanus.  

Parents may fax or mail their child’s updated immunization record and delinquency letter to 512-406-6543 or Children’s/AISD Student Health Services, 4900 Mueller Blvd., Austin, Texas, 78723.

Families are encouraged to visit their primary physician. In addition, summer clinics will be offered by AISD and local organizations. For a complete list of locations, please visit