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Austin Independent School District Main Line: 512-414-1700

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Important note: For questions for the following departments/subjects:

  • Athletics
  • Finance (IRS forms, payroll, etc.)
  • Human Capital (appraisals, careers, compensation, etc.)
  • Nutrition and Food Services
  • Transportation departments

Please visit the district's Let's Talk customer service page.

Technology Support

  • Contact Technology Support for issues with AISD Cloud passwords, Blend, Bolt, Email, Internet/Wi-Fi access, etc.
  • For Careers website (Applicant Tracking system) issues, such as, password updates, contact the Request Technical Help link.

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For families, communities, staff or students web resources, select a name to visit the respective webpage. These can also be found at the top of the AISD home webpage.

Department Directories

If you are trying to reach another office, use the search on the department directory page.

Staff Directories

If you are trying to reach an employee, use the staff directory page.


For all other inquiries, call the Austin Independent School District Main Line: 512-414-1700.

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