Celebrating 2020-21 Volunteer of the Year


In a year unlike any other, our volunteers were on the front lines with us in every way. April is Volunteer Appreciation Month, and we’re #AISDProud to recognize the Austin ISD 2020-21 Volunteers of the Year. We know public schools could not work without the people from the community who step up to do what’s needed, and this is our chance to salute the best of an indispensable bunch.   

Every year, each campus picks one or two Volunteers of the Year, Mentors of the Year, Parent Ambassadors and several Partners of the Year, including Austin Partners in Education Champions, who have given exceptional support to support their schools.

Volunteers of the Year

Whether tutoring a group of students, helping out in the cafeteria, decorating a bulletin board or serving as a field trip chaperone, all of our volunteers make a big difference for our students. 

Please join us in celebrating the following volunteers who were selected by their school as Volunteers of the Year.

  • Allison Elementary: Rebeca Niño & Maria Irma Perez
  • Akins ECHS: Steven Gerlofs
  • Andrews Elementary: Alice Graulty and Ilya Shmulenson
  • Anderson High School: Sharon Cohan
  • Ann Richards YWL: Dawn Lindsey
  • Austin High School: Jaqui Moreno
  • Baldwin Elementary: Kristi Campbell
  • Baranoff Elementary: Cassandra Kemp
  • Barrington Elementary: Soy Baek
  • Barton Hills Elementary: Jennifer Botchway
  • Bertha Sadler Means YWLA: Kelsey Campbell
  • Blackshear Elementary: Jimena Gonzalez-Acosta
  • Blanton Elementary: Kate Garrett
  • Blazier Elementary: Angelica Giuffre
  • Brentwood Elementary: Maureen Voosen
  • Bowie High School: Louise Thollander & Deb Coulter Bueide
  • T.A. Brown Elementary: Susana Limon Heredia
  • Burnet Middle School: Laura Gonzales
  • Campbell Elementary: Margarine Beaman
  • Clayton Elementary: Courtney D’Amato
  • Cowan Elementary: Leora Davis
    Covington Middle School: Arif Raza
    Crockett ECHS: The University of Texas Terry Scholar
  • Doss Elementary: Tiffany Hyde
  • Eastside Memorial High School: Jessica Cardenas
  • Gus Garcia YMLA: Jessica Sanchez
    Gorzycki Middle School: Mandy Knittel
    Govalle Elementary: Amy Laverentz
    Guerrero-Thompson Elementary: Eva Fabiola Saracho Parr
    Gullett Elementary: Michelle Gorel 
  • Harris Elementary: Shaleiah Fox
  • Hart Elementary: Susie Jaimes
  • Highland Park Elementary: Christy Brewer
    Hill Elementary: Hanna Curran
    Houston Elementary: Sasha Salinas
    Joslin Elementary: Sofia Feng
    Kealing Middle School: Angie Bealko
    Kiker Elementary: Lauren Haggard
    Langford Elementary: Helen Payan
    Lee Elementary: Ashley Aarons
  • LASA: Amber Kiddy Smith
    Linder Elementary: Elba Juarez Chavez
    Lively Middle School: Maureen Haskell
    LBJ ECHS: Vanessa Crawford
    Maplewood Elementary: Elizabeth (Libby) Gagne
    Martin Middle School: J.D. Martinez
    McBee Elementary: Brenda Beeler
    McCallum High School: Nicole Wayman & Shaneye Ferrell
    Mendez Middle School: George Morales
    Murchison Middle School: Alicia Dean
    Navarro ECHS: Manuela Cizneros
    Norman-Sims Elementary: James Harrington and Jessica Andrew
    Northeast ECHS: Jennifer Alejo    
    O. Henry Middle School:
    Sherrill Deering
    Oak Springs Elementary: Alicia Fabian
    Ortega Elementary: Rachel Lee
    Padron Elementary: Yazmin Balboa & Addys Lara
    Pecan Springs Elementary: Consuelo Araujo & Mary Reynolds
    Perez Elementary: Valerie Turullols
    Pickle Elementary: Ya Ya’s of the University of Mississippi
    Pillow Elementary: Jacob Greene
    Reilly Elementary: Danielle Bietry
    Ridgetop Elementary: Christina Patrin
    Small Middle School: Chappee Chappell Hudgins
    St. Elmo Elementary: Paul Saldaña
    Sunset Valley Elementary: Taylor Gutierrez
    Travis ECHS: Paula Vaughan
    Travis Heights Elementary: Lauren Davis & Erin Fassnach
    Uphaus Early Childhood Center: Jose Montero and Gail Dainton
    Walnut Creek Elementary: Hortencia Rodriguez
    Widen Elementary: Melissa Craig
    Williams Elementary: Sue Lagerquist
  • Winn Elementary: Suzie Kabat and Hector Martell
    Wooldridge Elementary: Iris Moctezuma
    Wooten Elementary: Mariela Vaca Posada

Mentors of the Year

Mentors serve as positive role models, and we are thankful to them for their devotion and commitment to making a difference. Mentors provide guidance and support to students across AISD campuses, ranging from academic support and career guidance to helping resolve issues that impede success. 

Please join us in celebrating the following mentors who were selected by their school as Mentors of the Year for their outstanding dedication to their mentees.

  • Akins ECHS: Sergio Rodriguez
    Andrews Elementary School: Arianna Rodriguez
    Austin High School: David Stern
    Barrington Elementary: Jill Bigelow
    Blackshear Elementary:  Jimena Gonzales Acosta
  • Blanton Elementary: Kate Ward
    Brentwood Elementary: Angela Morton
    Burnet Middle School: Bianca Galvan
    Campbell Elementary: Alison Takata
    Cowan Elementary: Becky Wittsche
    Doss Elementary: Maureen Brandy Berry
    Eastside Memorial High School: Harry Brooks
    Highland Park Elementary: Jason Butler
    Houston Elementary: Uriel Dominguez
    Langford Elementary: Shardé Shorter
    LBJ ECHS: Ray Jackson
  • Lee Elementary: Kirsten Dean
  • Linder Elementary: Frank Rafaelli
    Lively Middle School: Bill Newchurch
    Maplewood Elementary: Ashley Glover
    Martin Middle School: Scott Mackey
    McCallum High School: Kyla Gibson
    Murchison Middle School: Yusuf Mufti
    Ortega Elementary: Andies Shepherd
    Pecan Springs Elementary: Nat Bradford
    Perez Elementary: Sam Gollub
    Pickle Elementary: Fred Hansen
    Small Middle School: Doug Allen
    Uphaus Early Childhood Center: Fabiola Whittington
    Williams Elementary: Allen Gunter

Parent Ambassadors

Parent Ambassadors model good parental involvement by establishing links between home and school, making strong connections with school staff, participating in school decisions and engaging in volunteer leadership.
Please join us in celebrating the following parents who were selected by their school as Parent Ambassadors. 

  • Allison Elementary: Aracely Cornejo and Dezarae Martinez
    Akins ECHS: Maureen Gerlofs
    Anderson High School: Sharon Cohan
    Andrews Elementary: Eunice Duran and Sebastian Lopez
    Ann Richards School YWL: Rose McIntyre
    Austin High School: Tammy Cochran 
    Barrington Elementary:
    Marina Mendoza
    Barton Hills Elementary: Rebecca Jeanes
    Bertha Sadler Means YWLA: Paula Reynosa
    Blackshear Elementary: Allie McBeth
    Blazier Elementary: Misty Bell
  • Blanton Elementary: Sandra Martinez
    Brentwood Elementary: Candace Pruett
    T.A. Brown Elementary: Myrna Tamez
    Burnet Middle School: Laura Gonzales
    Campbell Elementary: Amanda Spears
    Nan Clayton Elementary: Courtney D’Amato & Jenny Daughtry
    Cowan Elementary: Kerry Alexander
  • Covington Middle School: Kara James
    Doss Elementary: Jenna Holmes
    Eastside Memorial ECHS: Jessica Cardenas
    Gorzycki Middle School: Kathyrn Heisterman
    Guerrero-Thompson Elementary: Erika Tolentino Aules
    Gullett Elementary: Fay Holland
    Gus Garcia YMLA: Ann Permann McNair
    Harris Elementary: Alice Graulty
    Highland Park Elementary: Abigail Clarke
    Hill Elementary: Liz Neff
    Jerry Joslin Elementary: Tina Walker
    Kocurek Elementary: Tikoa Legendre
    Langford Elementary: Christine Salinas
  • Lee Elementary: Paola Bueche
    LASA: Geeta Suggs
    Linder Elementary: Geraldine Muriel
  • Lively Middle School: Gretchen Otto
    LBJ ECHS: Para Agboya
    Maplewood Elementary: Kim Lindlauer
    Martin Middle School: Maria Juana Hernandez
    McBee Elementary: Nolvia Castillo
    McCallum High School: Bria Cirkiel
    Murchison Middle School: Nicole Erickson
    Northeast ECHS: Jennifer Alejo
    O. Henry Middle School: Sharon Albrecht
    Oak Springs Elementary: Alicia Fabian
    Ortega Elementary: Hannah Hamilton
    Padron Elementary: Nadia Mendez & Yamile Guillen
    Pecan Springs Elementary: Darriyan Loera & Consuelo Araujo
    Perez Elementary: Dulce Hernandez
    Pillow Elementary: Shannon Casati
    Reilly Elementary: Jesse Porter
    Ridgetop Elementary: Christina Patrin
    Saint Elmo Elementary: Jonathan Flanders
    Travis Heights Elementary: Kennon Wooten & Meredith Jiles
  • Travis ECHS: Greta Irvin
    Uphaus Early Childhood Center: Veridiana Hernandez-Jimenez
    Walnut Creek Elementary: Fabiola Ramirez Gallo
    Widen Elementary: Alva-Venegas Lili
    Williams Elementary: Crystal Ramirez
  • Winn Elementary: Tammara Harrington and Stacie Hervey
    Wooldridge Elementary: Iris Moctozuma
    Wooten Elementary: Amanda Dudish

Partners of the Year

Businesses, service organizations, educational institutions and governmental agencies all serve a huge role as partners in various capacities. These partners provide volunteers, donations, school improvement support and more. 

Please join us in celebrating the following partners who were selected as Partners of the Year for their outstanding support of our schools. 

  • Akins ECHS: 
    • A+ Federal Credit Union
    • Abundant Living Faith Center
    • Onion Creek Club Ladies Association
    • St. Chubby Foundation
  • Andrews Elementary: 
    • Heat Bootcamp
  • Barrington Elementary: 
    • H.E.B. 
    • The Light of the World Church
  • Barton Hills Elementary: 
    • Barton Hills PTA
  • Blackshear Elementary: 
    • St. John Neumann/St. Vincent De Paul Christmas Giving Program
    • Tarrytown United Methodist Church
    • Try Hard Coffee
  • Brentwood Elementary: 
    • Baby Greens
    • Dias Market
    • Hope Chapel
  • T. A. Brown Elementary: 
    • AT&T
    • Side by Side Kids
  • Burnet Elementary: 
    • Austin FC
    • Austin Partners in Education
    • Communities in Schools
    • Texas Army National Guard
  • Covington Middle School: 
    • The Vine Austin
    • Zion Rest Baptist Church Hope Ministry
  • Cowan Elementary: 
    • Austin Founder Lions Club
    • Crema Bakery and Café
  • Crockett ECHS: 
    • South Austin Church
  • Doss Elementary:  
    • Biderman’s Deli
    • Daily Juice
    • Kristin Griffin Studio
    • Lauren Hurst Acupuncture 
  • Guerrero-Thompson Elementary:  
    • Uplift Austin
  • Gus Garcia YMLA: 
    • Greater Swenson Grove Baptist Church
    • Lilliana Ordonez/Cortez Consulting
    • Mt. Bonnell Lodge, #2
    • St. Peter’s United Methodist Church
    • Turning Point Bible Fellowship
  • Harris Elementary: 
    • Little Deli
  • Highland Park Elementary: 
    • Compass Bank
    • Crenshaw’s Athletic Club
    • Law Office of Joel A.  Levine
    • Southern Turf
  • Hill Elementary: 
    • Austin Avenue
    • The Fitness Center
    • Levesque Plastic Surgery
    • Loewy Law Firm
    • Total Home Tech
  • Houston Elementary: 
    • ACE
    • Communities in Schools
    • Families as Partners
    • Onnit
    • Side by Side Kids
    • Onnit Gym
  • Joslin Elementary: 
    • Academy 4
    • Austin Java
    • Woodlawn Church 
  • Kocurek Elementary: 
    • Assistance League of Austin, Operation 
      School Bell
    • AISD Information Systems Admin.
    • Hungry Souls
  • Langford Elementary: 
    • Baranoff Elementary School PTA
    • Crumb Cookies @Southpark Meadows
    • Texas Roadhouse
  • LBJ ECHS: 
    • Colony Park Neighborhood Association 
    • Communities in Schools
    • Karen Brown
    • Taryne Hallett 
  • Lee Elementary: 
    • Bohemian BBQ
    • Clay Imports
    • Cornucopia
    • Sherril & Gibson, LLC
    • SparkleKids
  • Linder Elementary: 
    • Austin Assistance League—Operation 
      School Bell
    • Barnes & Noble
    • Dell Children’s Ascension
    • Yellow Bike Project
  • Lively Middle School: 
    • DuBois, Bryant and Campbell
    • H.E.B.
    • Nantz Orthodontics
    • Restore Austin Church
  • Maplewood Elementary: 
    • Bird Bisquit
    • Cherrywood Neighborhood Association
    • Bird Bisquit
    • Contigo
    • Vamanos
  • Martin Middle School: 
    • Serafina Food Pantry
    • Silicon Labs
  • McBee Elementary: 
    • Aceable
    • Edgenuity
    • Teach for America, Austin
  • McCallum High School: 
    • Breakthrough Austin Lowe’s 
  • Mendez Middle School: 
    • Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union 
  • Murchison Middle School: 
    • Adam Loewy Law Form
    • Northwest Austin Civic Association
    • Uplift Desks
  • Norman-Sims Elementary:  
    • Greater Mt. Zion Church
    • Saint James Episcopal Church
    • Tarrytown United Methodist Church
  • Northeast ECHS: 
    • Hungry Souls
    • Muslim Space
    • Texas State SRSF
  • Oak Springs Elementary: 
    • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. Beta Psi Omega Chapter
    • Frost Bank
  • Ortega Elementary: 
    • Denise Ledesma

    • Frost Bank—Angelo Foadey

  • Pecan Springs Elementary: 
    • Andy Roddick Foundation
    • Consuelo
    • H.E.B. Mueller
    • Rotarian Group #5870
  • Perez Elementary: 
    • Austin Ed Fund
    • Clayton Care Group
    • Coats for Kids
    • Shop with a Cop
  • Pickle Elementary: 
    • Ya Ya’s of the University of Mississippi
  • Pillow Elementary: 
    • Academy4
  • Ridgetop Elementary: 
    • Assistance League of Austin, Operation
      School Bell
    • Austin Ed Fund
    • Trinity Church of Austin
    • Vamanos Tex Mex Restaurant
  • St. Elmo Elementary: 
    • Austin Latino Coalition
    • ePsolutions
    • WP Engine
  • Travis ECHS:  
    • Internal Revenue Service
  • Travis Heights Elementary: 
    • El Buen Samaritan
    • Soco Episcopal Community
  • Walnut Creek Elementary: 
    • Austin Voices
    • Hortencia Rodriguez
    • U.S. Hispanic Contractors Association
  • Widen Elementary: 
    • Lee Elementary School PTA
  • Williams Elementary: 
    • City Chapel - Keep Kids Fed Program
    • Hungry Souls
    • Rack Room Shoes
    • Shepherd of the Hills Presbyterian
  • Winn Elementary:
    • Austin Voices for Education and Youth

    • First Pentecoastal Church

    • H.E.B.-Manor Road

    • Operation School Bell

    • Starbucks-Mueller

  • Wooten Elementary: 
    • Allandale H.E.B.
    • American Association of Insurance Professionals
    • COSTCO
    • InKind, Inc.
    • Redeemer Lutheran Church

Don’t see your campus volunteers listed? Contact APIE’s Dawn Lewis at dlewis@austinpartners.org to honor the volunteers at your campus!

APIE Champions

APIE congratulates its 2021 Champions! Thanks to all the wonderful business partners, school partners and volunteers for everything they did this year to support our schools, our programs, and most importantly, our students.

APIE Volunteer of the Year: Scott Mackey
APIE High School Champion: Travis ECHS
APIE Tech Champion: HMG Creative
APIE Donor Champion: Applied Materials Foundation

Volunteer and Partnership Opportunities:

For more information on how to become a volunteer at an Austin ISD campus, please contact dlewis@austinpartners.org or go to the Austin Partners in Education website.

To learn more about other volunteer opportunities at AISD, visit the Office of Innovation Department's website.