Garza High School Teachers Celebrate Designation at H-E-B Texas Loves Teachers Tour

H-E-B excellence in education

On Friday, one of the country’s best alternative high schools was recognized by the country’s favorite grocery store when H-E-B Excellence in Education stopped at Garza Independence High School on its Texas Loves Teachers Tour.

As part of the tour, H-E-B stopped by with a signature red school bus filled with branded items, coupon books for free groceries, and $2,500 worth of gift cards for Garza’s teachers and staff.

Garza High School principal Dr. Webb feels grateful to have H-E-B honor her staff in this fantastic event. Garza earned H-E-B’s recognition for its solution-focused approach to dropout prevention and successful work and career transition programs.

“My staff is beyond thrilled because we know there is greatness throughout this district and the state,” said Dr. Linda Webb, principal at Garza. “They have done everything it takes to keep those relationships with their students because that is the most important part––to make sure we’re meeting their needs. We realize even though we are getting this award, we hope the light is shining on all of those that have gone the extra mile this school year.”

This is not the first time Garza principal Dr. Webb has been recognized by the grocer. In 2007, Dr. Webb was named the H-E-B Excellence in Education Principal of the Year.

Teachers dropped into the celebration to get their gift bags and a delicious lunch plate throughout the school day. Laughing, dancing, and singing to “The Wheels on the Bus,” Garza teachers felt imminent joy to be celebrated after a challenging year in education.

“This event of appreciation is incredibly special,” said Jacqueline Vidal, a social studies teacher at Garza. “It has been a difficult year, so it touches our heart to know that there are community organizations out there that care about telling us that they appreciate us.”

Garza is an award-winning, self-paced high school for 10th to 12th graders. Garza is an open-enrollment, open-exit high school that allows students to work independently to complete their required coursework. The school offers a rigorous curriculum that helps students build life skills, discover personal passions and prepare for bright futures.

The U.S. Department of Education recognizes Garza among 40 schools in the country that exemplify the best practices for improving outcomes for at-risk students. It was also named one of the top five alternative schools by the Stanford University Research Center.