McCallum High School Creates Outdoor Learning Space


McCallum High School has taken to the great outdoors by creating an outside learning space for science, english, and world language classes. 

The space provides teachers and students a fun, scenic learning environment that helps accommodate social distancing.

“McCallum is blessed with several courtyards so we have made efforts to beautify and allow teachers the space to have their classrooms in these spaces,” said Associate Principal Gabe Reyes.

When the idea was presented, parents and staff immediately showed support. Parents began to donate tents, camping chairs, easels and extension cords. They set up space in McCallum's courtyards, trimming back trees and shrubs to make space.

Additionally, McCallum is building an outdoor stage sponsored by the Lowe’s Heroes Grant, which will help pay for materials and professional contractors to help build the stage. 

Now, 13 teachers are holding class outside and plan to do so through the school year.

“It has been a community effort and has had an extremely positive reaction on all sides,” said Reyes. “The hope is that there will continue to be learning spaces with or without COVID, and we will have performances of all types on the outdoor stage forever. It will always remain and be utilized.”