Austin ISD Sustainability Office Launches Newsletter Focused on Energy Conservation

Did you know that utilities are the second-highest cost for the district behind salaries and that 39% of all energy is used in buildings nationwide? We are excited to announce the AISD Energy Champion Newsletter, which will be published a few times each year to promote engagement activities, announce contests, and share conservation tips and resources. 

In this issue, we spotlight our first Energy Champion: Rhonda Barton from Eastside and International High School. The newsletter also discusses solar at AISD, a grant opportunity for energy education, free online energy lessons and a digital field trip live from the Paramount Theater.

We hope that you’re inspired to become an energy champion. Remember: it takes everyone to make a difference and the Energy Leadership team is here to help.

If you need support with energy lessons, information, campaigns or projects, contact AISD’s Energy Conservation Engagement Coordinator:

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