Superintendent Embarks on First-Day Tour


To celebrate the first day of school, AISD Superintendent Dr. Stephanie S. Elizalde went on a tour of campuses both virtually and in person, introducing herself to students and their teachers as they begin their new school year.

The visit allows students and their teachers to meet their superintendent, ask questions, explore classrooms and see outdoor learning spaces. 

The morning began at Linder Elementary, where Elizalde spoke about how excited she was to be the new superintendent and how she wants to meet as many students as possible. She then viewed a first-grade morning meeting via Zoom. 

Throughout the day Elizalde saw a wide variety of programs and performances, including Pre-K, fine arts, STEM, early college, and more. In total, Elizalde’s virtual visits included: Linder Elementary School, Doss Elementary, St. Elmo Elementary, Clifton Career Development, LBJ Early College High School, Small Middle, McBee Elementary and Covington Middle.

“This first day is just as crazy as any other first day of school I’ve ever experienced, even if it looks a little different,” Elizalde said. “I'm super excited to be here virtually this morning to visit some of our campuses. Although I wish we could meet in person, I still love to see all these beautiful faces.”

Elizalde then visited Cunningham Elementary in person to talk to staff there and visit life skills students accessing on-campus services. During the visit social distancing practices were followed and proper personal protective equipment was in place.