Ann Richards Stars Celebrate Graduation

Ann Richards Star

The Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders community, staff, families and friends joined together June 15 to celebrate the 2020 graduating class through a virtual ceremony.

Superintendent Paul Cruz congratulated the graduates of this year's class via a video statement. His remarks were followed by a speech from Principal Kristina Waugh.

“I believe you, specifically, were made for a time such as this,” Waugh said. “You are the only class I have ever worked with that has the balance and strength to handle such circumstances and come out for the better. Ann Richard's had a quote, "I've been tested by fire, and the fire lost," you too have been tested and forged by fire, and you have become brighter and better leaders.”

Next, Salutatorian Maya Borowicz reminded her classmates of the challenges they all faced in the past seven years and that they always make the best of a challenging situation.

“You guys are truly talented, honest, loyal, caring, confident, driven, kind, and so much more,” Borowicz said. “Your questions have made me think harder. Your skills have inspired me to try new things, and your perseverance motivated me to keep at it. Something I came to realize over this whole quarantine business, is that a big part of what has made learning fun these past years has been doing it with you guys.”

Valedictorian Anne Katula looked to life and the environment around us to give her classmates a glimpse into the future. 

“The transition we'll face this fall probably won't be smooth or easy, or at all what we expect,” Katula said. “We will sleep on ice, and lose our stash of nuts, and fall out of trees—but if I know anything about this class—it's that we can handle it. You are truly the most tenacious, resourceful, and capable group of people that I've ever met.”

The ceremony concluded with a reading of the names of each graduating senior. 

The AISD community is proud of our students and eager to see their future accomplishments. Congratulations to the Class of 2020! We are #AISDProud of our #AISDGrads!