St. Elmo Elementary Spreads Love with Curbside Coffee

Heart Cards

Love was in the air at St. Elmo Elementary on Thursday morning as faculty and staff handed out curbside coffee and sweetbread to families dropping their students off at school.

The coffee and treats were a warmhearted welcome to commemorate Valentine's day and also a special way to start a four-day weekend for students.

“We love our kiddos and we want to show that love to their parents as well on this cold morning as they drop their kids off,” Principal Ben McCormack said. “We want our kids to go into the four-day weekend remembering that their hearts are at home but their hearts are also always here at St. Elmo Elementary.”

Families smiled as they saw their students holding cards and candy while walking into school.

“We want to spread the love to everyone here and that’s what today is all about,” McCormack said.