How One Family Decided to #ChooseAISD

Kids dancing

Austin ISD is celebrating School Choice Week Jan. 27-31. The district is #AISDProud to offer numerous programs available to a wide variety of students.

The Garrisons are one family that chose AISD because of the unique opportunities.

Devon Garrison is a mother of three who wanted to find the right fit for her oldest daughter 5 years ago. She was attending a charter school and was not receiving the educational experience that she was looking for.

“At the time I thought that was the only option,” Garrison said. “My daughter loved theater, and charter schools don’t necessarily offer lots of extracurriculars like theater or dance.”

Garrison knew that her daughter was not satisfied with her school's program. Her family lives in Del Valle, but wanted to explore AISD as an option. 

“I heard that AISD was opening up out of district transfers so right away I knew that’s what I wanted to do,” she said.

Garrison’s daughter was familiar with the theater program at Covington Middle School. After a long conversation with her daughter, they both agreed that a change was necessary for her interests.

“Covington had everything she was looking for. We knew that this was the place for her to be able to expand and be able to do more than just academics,” Garrison said. “AISD does wonderful things they provide for their students and I can't imagine having my kids anywhere else.”

The choice has worked out for Garrison and her eldest so well, Garrison’s two younger daughters have since transferred into AISD school as well. Garrison’s oldest daughter is now a senior at Crockett and will be attending a four-year college program next year. 

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