Metz and Sànchez elementaries celebrate holidays together

Students at holiday celebration

Students at Metz and Sànchez elementary schools dressed in reindeer outfits and sang classic holiday tunes as their parents smiled and took video. This cheerful scene took place at the winter celebration of Metz and Sànchez elementaries, which included food, dancing and an appearance from Santa.

Both schools have been colocated at Metz until the new Sànchez Elementary opens in August 2021. Families from both schools were invited to the celebration and the turn out resulted in a packed gym.

“We are here together,” said Sànchez Elementary Principal Azucena Garcia. “Both communities are doing as many activities as we can to bring both our communities together, and I think we are doing a great job of that.”

Families who attended also received free dinner and parents even participated in a dessert competition with prizes for the winners.

“It’s important that we bring both these schools and communities together in celebration like this, especially with everything that has been going on. The kids are the number one priority and its great for parents to see their children enjoying the holidays and having fun,” said Sarah Harrell, PTA president at Sànchez.