Families Enjoy Curbside Coffee at Linder Elementary


On a recent morning at Linder Elementary, the kids smiled as they pulled up in the carpool line. The pleasant surprise was because they saw faculty and staff dressed in their Halloween costumes handing out donuts and coffee. 

The goal of the tasty treats and hot coffee was to bring parents and faculty together in a different and informal way. 

“We invite our community and our teachers and staff to engage in a nice warm cup of coffee on this chilly morning and really just to bring our community together,” said Melissa Rodriguez, principal at Linder Elementary. 

The warm coffee and tasty treats were a pleasant surprise to parents as temperatures were in the 30’s.

“We love our community and we want to celebrate all the wonderful things that are happening here at our campus and this is just another way that we are trying to do that,” she said. 

Linder Elementary is continuing to encourage and engage its community by implementing events like curbside coffee and donuts to develop and cultivate relationships with its students and their parents. 

For more information on upcoming events please visit the campus website.

curbside coffee at Linder Elementary curbside coffee at Linder Elementary