Austin High Coach Earns No-Cut Coach Award

Austin High School head tennis coach Leslie Oduwole and her students celebrating her award.

Austin High School head tennis coach Leslie Oduwole recently earned the 2018 No-Cut Coach Award from the United States Tennis Association.

The award recognizes coaches who adopt a “no-cut” approach, allowing athletes of all talents the opportunity to participate in extracurricular athletics.

Oduwole believes tennis is an outlet for her athletes to discover a passion and work ethic that will benefit them all throughout their lives.

“Hard work is what we stand for,” Oduwole said. “We work hard and make strides in giving all these kids a chance to find a new avenue. A new way to get a successful education and live a healthy life through tennis.”

The no-cut approach is recognized by the USTA as a way to grow the sport and provide young athletes opportunities to be part of a welcoming team environment.

“Oduwole steps in and becomes the master at keeping the kids together, keeping them on a team, and keeping them wanting to come out and hit,” said USTA representative Carrie Hale. “That’s where she’s super deserving of this award.”