Celebrating the Austin ISD 2017 Bond Anniversary

Attendee of the 2017 Austin ISD Bond update event viewing school plans.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the 2017 Austin ISD Bond approval, AISD held an event to thank the community and bring everyone up-to-date on the progress of the 2017 Bond projects.
Superintendent Paul Cruz thanked attendees for their continued investment in Austin ISD students. He provided an overview of the 2017 Bond investment per family of schools by student, including the larger per-student investment in East Austin students of more than $43,000 per student.

The bond is designed to replace, improve, renovate and equip facilities for approximately 81,000 students and more than 11,000 employees—creating 21st-century learning spaces for all AISD students.

Chief of Business & Operations Officer Nicole Conley Johnson reminded attendees that it took two years of intensive analysis, planning and work by community members on the Facilities and Bond Planning Advisory Committee and AISD staff to truly assess district needs.

She championed AISD's process for gathering data on all district facilities to develop a comprehensive strategy for investing in AISD's students and their learning spaces.

Updates on the 2017 Bond progress from Operations Officer Matias Segura included:

  • 2017 Bond funds spent to date:
    • Actuals: $22,767,167
    • Commitments: $20,122,534
    • Balance: $1,091,845,299
  • Buses on the ground:
    • 190 replacements
    • 30 additional
  • Dollars spent on technology upgrades:
    • more than $7.5 million 
  • Milestone ceremonies
    • T.A. Brown Elementary School Site Dedication (Aug. 29)
    • Menchaca Elementary School Groundbreaking (Aug. 30)
    • Doss Elementary School Groundbreaking (Sept. 6)
    • Govalle Elementary School Groundbreaking (Sept. 25)
    • T.A. Brown Groundbreaking (Nov. 30)
    • Norman Elementary School Site Dedication (Dec. 8)
  • Campuses thriving at their temporary locations: 3
    • T.A. Brown at Barrington Elementary
    • Norman at Sims Elementary
    • Doss at former Lucy Read 

FABPAC Tri-chair Leticia Caballero said the bond was rooted in the 2017 Facility Master Plan, a living document that guides the development of future capital improvements and supports planning for future bond elections. 

She also said that the work does not stop now that the bond has been passed. The Facilities and Bond Planning Advisory Committee is leading the update for 2019 and will develop recommendations now through May 2019. The update includes master planning for athletics, career and technical education, and fine arts.

Communications & Engagement Executive Director Reyne Telles encouraged attendees to continue their civic engagement to ensure that AISD students have the resources they deserve.

Thank you to our community for your continued support and engagement as we bring our schools into the 21st century!

Austin ISD 2017 Bond update attendees viewing school plans.
Govalle Elementary site plan posters.
Rogers O'Brien Construction representatives.
Austin ISD 2017 Bond update attendees.
Speakers: Supt. Paul Cruz, CBO Nicole Conley, CFO Matias Segura, FABPAC Tri-chair Leticia Caballer and Communications & Engagement Executive Director Reyne Telles
Murchison Middle School site plans.