Book it to Austin Libraries: AISD and Austin Public Library Partner to Give All-Access Library Cards to All Students

Today, Austin ISD and Austin Public Library partner to offer full-access library cards to every AISD student.

This means Austin Public Library’s student card is free and available to all district students, including current cardholders, regardless of home address and outstanding fines.

The student card easily connects learners to homework help, books, movies, music, research materials and games at Austin Public Library’s 22 locations as well as its virtual library.

“I’m so excited to be partnering with Austin Public Library to ensure our students have access to such important resources. Our goal is to have every student reading above or at-level and what better way to improve literacy than with access to books—both print and virtual,” said Superintendent Paul Cruz. 

Austin Public Library believes that intentional collaboration among the city’s elected officials, schools, and libraries can diminish barriers to access, improve education outcomes for students and strengthen the community.

“A library-school partnership makes sense—we both seek to advance literacy and we both understand the importance of access to resources that promote learning,” said Director of Libraries Roosevelt Weeks.

To take advantage of this opportunity, each student must complete an application and return it to the student’s school. Applications can be found at any AISD school.

Activated cards will be delivered to the student’s school. Cards expire after one year and can be renewed during the following year’s student registration.