AISD Expands Health Care Services, Implements Virtual Visits

Austin ISD has expanded health care services across the district and implemented an innovative virtual visit service at three high schools in partnership with Seton Healthcare.

Using secure audio and visual technology, certified health assistants at campuses can now connect via web camera and computer to a registered nurse remotely. This allows for the health assistant and the nurse to collaborate on the care of students at campuses where a nurse may not be present.

The virtual visit service, available at Crockett, McCallum and Eastside Memorial Early College high schools, connects students directly to family physicians . The doctors can check symptoms, examine students' ears, skin and nose, and prescribe medications. The visits, available with parental consent, save time for families by allowing students to be treated while still at school.

AISD is in its 22nd year working with Seton Healthcare and has a history of providing top-notch services for all students. The virtual expansion increases access to healthcare professionals at all campuses to ensure any ailments are addressed promptly. All schools have a nurse assigned to the campus and every high school has a full-time nurse. At the elementary level, a certified health assistant is staffed at every campus to provide direct care with support from a nurse. At the middle school level, each school has a certified health assistant and a nurse.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This year, Austin ISD is joining a growing number of schools across the nation embracing virtual care. The goal is to provide the right care at the right place at the right time. Using secure audio and visual technology, a student health assistant connects via web cam and computer to a nurse remotely. This allows for the health assistant and the nurse to collaborate on the care of your child while at school.

Are nurses still present in AISD schools?

Yes. All schools have a nurse assigned to their campus. And, we’ve added more health assistants to increase how much time our health care professionals spend in schools. This expands the health services in our schools beyond what we had in the past. This way, we can more fully meet your child’s health care needs.

My child has special medical needs. How will my child’s health be cared for at school?

AISD is committed to providing quality care to its students, including those with special medical needs. Parents of children with food allergies, diabetes and other medical needs should rest assured that this new model is designed to meet their needs in the safest, most effective manner. All nurses and health assistants are trained to administer medication, insulin, and EpiPens. If there is ever any question, the health assistant can connect with the nurse in real time using the visual technology in real time. For students with specific medical needs, staff receive extra training and create care plans catering to the child’s individual needs.

What if my child has a medical emergency at school?

Just as in previous years, all our school’s health action plans include emergency protocols which are approved by a doctor. Nurses and health assistants are supervised by a nurse manager and medical director.

What other service is offered to students this year using health technology? We are thrilled to announce an additional layer of care available to students at Crockett, McCallum and Eastside Memorial High Schools called the Good Health Digital Clinic. With this added technology, students, with parent/guardian consent, will be able to visit a doctor from the convenience of the student health office on campus. Providers are able to diagnose conditions and prescribe medications as needed.

How can I learn more about my child’s health care at school?

We look forward to an exciting year of providing safe, effective, efficient, and coordinated care for your child. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Tracy Spinner, AISD Assistant Director of Comprehensive Health Services at 512-414-9778 or you may visit our website at