Aaron Franklin Visits Covington Middle Schoolers

Students at Covington Middle School recently got to meet one of the most recognized names in the barbecue business—Aaron Franklin, the entrepreneur behind Austin's legendary Franklin barbecue

Franklin was the first in a series of guest speakers visiting students throughout the Crockett High School family of schools who are taking part in the entrepreneurship program.

He emphasized that, as an entrepreneur, “You should focus on your passion, not the money you make.”

Students were both educated and entertained with stories of his grit and determination as they asked questions, including what it was like to play host to the president of the United States.

The pitmaster also talked to students about how he began his business with backyard cookouts that evolved into a small barbecue trailer on I-35 and then moved into his brick-and-mortar shop on 11th Street in East Austin.

His messages included lessons in fiscal responsibility—“Don’t buy it if you don't have the money”; self-sufficiency—“If you can fix it yourself, do it yourself”; and fortitude—“Your hardest worker should be you.”