2,000 Points and Counting: Lanier's High-Scoring Hoopster Davion Buster

The Lanier Vikings boys basketball team is once again positioned for a playoff run, and junior standout Davion Buster is a big reason why.

The high-flying point guard recently topped 2,000 points for his career.

"Honestly, I wouldn't have done it without my team," Buster said. "My teammates had to get me the ball in order to score that many points, so I thank them for having high standards for me. They trust in me and I trust in them; we are all brothers on the court."

Lanier boys basketball coach Joseph Pendell has known Buster since he was 5 years old, and said he has watched the once-timid freshman grow into a leader on and off the court.

"He’s just an unselfish guy," Pendall said. "As you know, he scores a lot of points, but it’s really not about scoring to him. He is here to compete and get the most out of his teammates. If he doesn’t have a high-scoring night, he is just as happy with winning."

Lanier's premier player said he developed a love of the sport while watching his older brothers, Quincy and James, who also starred for the Vikings.

"One reason I fell in love with basketball was seeing my brothers play, and they had their own banners and stuff from the playoffs," he said. "I want to make people feel like, 'He's doing just as good. He's trying to make his own path.'"

The defending District Most Valuable Player said he has a solid choice in role models when it comes to his game, even if he does play a different position. 

"Lebron James," said Buster, referencing the All-Star Cleveland Cavaliers forward. "Lebron is all about the team, and I'm all about the team. He doesn't care about how many points he gets, he just cares about winning. That's how I am."