Akins' 'The Eagle's Eye' Earns Best in Show in Newspapers from Texas Association of Journalism Educators

The Eagle’s Eye, the Akins High School student newspaper, recently received the distinction of being named Best in Show in Newspapers at the annual Texas Association of Journalism Educators Fall Fiesta held in San Antonio.

The Eagle’s Eye has a staff of more than 40 students, led by editor-in-chief Stephanie Valle and advised by teacher David Doerr. The TAJE convention, held in San Antonio every year, brings together the best high school student publications in the state to compete against each other in onsite contests in several categories, including photography, layout design and writing.

“I’m so proud to see Akins student journalists recognized as among the best in the state,” Doerr said. “The skills these students are learning while working for the newspaper will serve them well no matter what career they decide to pursue beyond high school."

The following students won individual awards at the TAJE on-site competitions.

On-Site Photography — Superior (Green) — Jesus Perez
On-Site Photography — Superior (People) — Jesus Perez
On-Site Photography — Honorable Mention (Circles) — Jesus Perez
On-Site Photography —Superior (Unique Framing) — Janelly Torres
On-Site Photography — Honorable Mention (Unique Framing) — Nicole Ocampo
On-Site Cell Phone Photography — Superior (Depth of Field) — Alejandra Arguello
On-Site Cell Phone Photography — Honorable Mention (Color) — Ashley Sanchez
Newspaper Front Page Design — Excellence — Mary Griffis
Newspaper Feature Page Design — Excellence — Stephanie Valle
Editorial Illustration — Honorable Mention — Annie Ricotta

See work by The Eagle’s Eye at www.akinseagleseye.com.

Image by Jesus Perez.