Celebrating the Past and Future: Mathews Celebrates 100 Years

Mathews students, parents and teachers share memories

Mathews Elementary School brought many generations together for one big celebration today at its 100th anniversary celebration.

Pat Cloud attended Mathews from first through sixth grade, skipping one grade because of her great marks.

She spoke at the celebration, sharing stories about the “haunted” house near the school, as well as scrapbook photos and report cards from her days as a student.

As a student during WWII—she attended from 1940–45—Cloud also described how students and staff would do air raid drills during the day.

“This place has a special place in my heart,” Cloud said of Mathews, “As I’m sure it does in yours.” 

When asked about the changes since her time at Mathews, Cloud said the biggest difference was that the school is now multicultural.

Cloud—representing students who attended Mathews in the last century—presented a plaque to three current students, who represented students from the current century. The school was designated a historic landmark in 1999. 

Mathews students from all grades shared a musical tribute about the school’s history from its beginning in 1916.

During the musical, students showed the ghost of the school’s namesake what had transpired at the school since its inception and made a prediction of where it will be in the future.

The school was named after a founding member of the Board of Public Free Schools in Austin, Dr. William John Mathews, who was born in Ireland and came to Austin in 1876 to be a physician. He served on the school board from 1909–11.

For more information about Mathews, please visit https://www.mathews360.com/100.