AISD Students More Likely Than Peers to Continue Attending College Beyond Freshman Year

Austin ISD students are exceeding the achievements of their peers again, as more AISD grads continue their college educations beyond their freshman year. A recent report using data from the Class of 2013 shows that the number of AISD students who enroll in college and then proceed to a second year exceeds the national average by 13 percentage points at four-year universities*.

At two-year colleges, AISD exceeds the national average by 9 percentage points.

Postsecondary persistence rates for AISD Class of 2013

Among the most significant indicators of whether an AISD student would continue in college for a second year included whether they were in the top quartile GPA, whether they submitted a Free Application for Student Aid and whether they passed Algebra I by grade 8.

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*Comparing AISD data to National Student Clearinghouse, which provides aggregated data on 98 percent of students attending public and private institutions in the U.S.