Committee Announces Eight Names for Renaming of Lee Elementary School

After a robust community engagement process, the Lee Elementary School’s Campus Advisory Council announced it has identified eight names to be considered for the renaming of Lee Elementary School.

The community submitted hundreds of names from which the eight were chosen. From the eight, the CAC will submit three of these names to the Board on May 3, which is scheduled to take action on a new name on May 23.

The council has reached out to local proponents of the following candidates to share more information about their submissions and why they feel they would be a worthy namesake of the school:

Barbara Smith Conrad—Internationally acclaimed African-American opera star who completed her studies at the University of Texas despite discrimination-based setbacks. 

Bettie Mann—Beloved former Lee Elementary School teacher of more than 35 years and the first African-American educator at Lee Elementary School.

Elisabet Ney—Celebrated sculptor and neighborhood resident who emmigrated from Germany and is the subject of a popular local museum. 

Harper Lee—Iconic American novelist best known for “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

Kenneth Ragsdale—Former Austin ISD director of music and founder of the band program at Lee Elementary School. 

Russell Lee—Neighborhood resident, founding University of Texas photography professor and a critically acclaimed Depression-era photographer. 

Waller Creek—Notable local geographic feature shared by neighborhoods served by Lee Elementary School. 

Wheeler’s Grove—Original name of Eastwoods Park, a longtime Juneteenth celebration site and gathering space for historic freedman’s community.