Bowie High School Recognized for Student Achievement

Bowie High School has been named one of 200 model Professional Learning Communities at Work by Solution Tree, a professional development organization that focuses on schools.

PLCs are schools that recognize that the key to improved learning for students is ongoing, job-embedded learning for the adults who serve those students.

“Bowie’s standardized test scores in writing have increased each year as the PLC teams in every subject targeted writing,” Principal Stephen Kane said. “I am extremely proud of our staff for being recognized by Solution Tree as a model Professional Learning Community at Work school. There now exists at Bowie a spirit of collaboration and collective ownership that is enhanced by academic gains that have occurred in the past three years.”

Kane said the school’s successful implementation of the PLC process was a major contributing factor in the improved achievement of its students.

Schools are recognized based on criteria such as demonstration of a commitment to PLC concepts, implementation of these concepts for at least three years and clear evidence of improved student learning during that period.

To be chosen, the school must show measurable results, explain its practices, structures and culture, and submit an application for consideration by the PLC Review Committee. Learn more about Bowie here.

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