College Signing Day is May 1: Wear a T-shirt, Promote our College-going Culture

GenTX Day is Friday, May 1.

As our #AISDProud students take their next steps toward realizing their futures, Austin and communities across Texas are coming together to celebrate their successes—and College Signing Day festivities. In the days leading up to GenTX Day, please promote, celebrate and congratulate the students of Generation TX—especially graduating seniors.

GenTX Day is a signature event of Generation Texas, a statewide movement to ensure students have the information and inspiration they need to graduate—and achieve their highest potential.

AISD invites everyone to wear their college T-shirts for College Signing Day.

Wearing a favorite college T-shirt is a fun and easy way to participate. When we all wear our shirts, our AISD communities send a powerful message about our belief in higher education—and our students. Wearing a college T-shirt invites conversations for people to share their own personal stories, choices, and careers—conversations that could inspire and change a student’s life.


Promotional Tips for Schools and Community Partners


Recent Additions

Marquee Messages

  • GenTX Day is College Signing Day. Wear a college T-shirt May 1!
  • {Mascots} are preparing for college, career and life. Every day. #AISDProud
  • Congratulations, Generation TX. We are so proud of you! #RockYourFuture

Social Media Messages

Social Media: Cross-promotion with Central Texas Partners

Remember to use the #GenTXDay#RockYourFuture and #AISDProud hashtags. Add #AISDGrads and #CTXSigningDay as possible to increase cross-promotional opportunities among AISD, GenTX, E3Alliance and area school districts and partners.

Promotional Videos

School Activities

  • Wear college T-shirts. Invite everyone—principals, counselors, teachers, staff members, students and campus community members—to wear their favorite college T-shirt or gear.
  • Showcase graduating seniors on senior spotlight posters (sample attached).
  • Read the Generation TX declaration at morning announcements (below).
  • Coordinate GenTX Day pep rallies.

Morning Announcements
Asking a student to congratulate his or her fellow students in honor of GenTX day is a great way to start off the celebration. Ask a student to say a few words about what GenTX day is and to read the Generation TX declaration (below).

Sample announcements:

  • Prior to GenTX Day

May 1st is GenTX day—our day to celebrate our achievements and prepare for our bright futures. We invite everyone to wear your favorite college T-shirts or gear Friday, May 1.

  • On GenTX Day

Congratulations, {Mascots}, for an awesome spring semester at {Name of School}. And, special congratulations to all of our seniors. Today is GenTX Day, when we join communities across Texas to celebrate our students’ achievements. As you go about your day, be proud of how far you’ve come and get excited about where you’re headed. We are {Mascots}. We are Generation TX—and we can do anything.

{Gen TX Declaration} “We are strong. We are independent. We are ready for careers. We support our families. We want to go to college. We face new challenges. We have unlimited potential. We believe in our future. We follow our dreams. We are the leaders of tomorrow. We are Generation TX.”

Congratulations again—and have a wonderful GenTX Day!


  • “What’s Next” senior spotlight posters to promote student accomplishments and plans.
  • GenTX letterhead/shell for messages to students and the school community.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions or would like additional promotional tips—or a copy of the site coordinator’s resource guide for signing day—please feel free to contact Christian Clarke Casarez, assistant director of communications, at