AISD: The Pride and Promise of Austin — Student Films

Dear Austin ISD Family,
Every AISD school has its own unique character, but we are one family. This sentiment was captured perfectly at the recent film premiere of "AISD: The Pride and Promise of Austin." It is the work of 17 AISD student filmmakers, each with their own perspective, their own lens on the world.

The film highlights unique qualities of every AISD high school. Students tell their own s
tories—in their own words—about how they are supported, challenged and encouraged to succeed.

In the film, we see how teachers, coaches, families and community members inspire our students every day. A common theme is how these students feel at home in their schools. They are part of the AISD family.​

After the film premiere, during the SXSW season, the student filmmakers gathered onstage to discuss their work. As I joined them on the stage of the new AISD Performing Arts Center, I was so proud of the dedication and commitment of these talented young people.

I encourage you to take a few moments out of your busy schedule to see this film. It is sure to make you feel #AISDproud!

Paul Cruz, Ph.D.