Online Student Registration Now Open

Beginning April 6, parents will be able to register students online through the Parent Cloud.

Parents can already check students’ grades, schedules, attendance and vaccinations with a few clicks. This most recent update to the cloud will allow families to more easily register their student for classes.

“We build and support these tools so parents can take an active role in their student’s education. We know that an engaged parent at home has a positive influence on a student’s learning in school,” said MIS Student Data Systems Manager Brenda Richmond. “All of the AISD Parent Cloud tools are free to use, and our student data systems team is happy to help parents learn the system."

More information on the student registration update will be available when it launches in April.

AISD wants to remind families to check their Parent Cloud account to make sure it is active, or if they don’t have an account, to sign up for one. 

Click here to learn more about the AISD Parent Cloud or the tools available, or call the student data services team at (512) 414-9187 for assistance.

Families can access the cloud at