Austin ISD Named Winner of Laserfiche Run Smarter Award

The new year brings less paper and more innovation for Austin ISD. The district has been recognized for its innovative approach to content management with the 2014 Laserfiche Run Smarter® Award. 

AISD integrated the Laserfiche Document Management System with SEEDS, a proprietary system that houses information for special education students. The district can now create and manage documents more efficiently and provide easy, secure access of those documents to instructors and other staff.

“We’ve eliminated boxes of paper and the complicated process of moving paper documents around from school to school all while providing an easy, secure method for teachers and other authorized personnel to access the documents,” said Mike Thomas, AISD administrative supervisor of special education data management and compliance.

Cari Collins, Lynda Garcia-Gomez, Jimmy Phares and Mike Thomas are among AISD technology staff who worked to implement the system.