A Legacy of Leadership: AAUL Adopts Garcia Young Men's Leadership Academy

When the Austin Area Urban League celebrated its 37th Annual Equal Opportunity Day Gala this weekend, the civil rights organization announced its members are adopting the Gus Garcia Young Men's Leadership Academy.

AAUL assists African-Americans and all under-served Austin-area residents to achieve societal and economic equality by focusing on educational improvement, employment readiness, health and wellness, and the preservation of affordable housing.

Dr. Paul Cruz, interim superintendent, attended the gala and thanked the AAUL for their commitment to education and for including the young men at Garcia in their impressive legacy of leadership.

My Brother's Keeper

The AAUL's announcement complements the district's existing and expanding work to ensure all students have the support they need to succeed. In July, AISD answered the White House's call to join the national My Brother's Keeper to improve the achievement of young men of color.

"Historically, we know many young men of color have faced challenges—and some have even had the odds stacked against them—as they work to overcome obstacles such as poverty and low expectations. But once students have the support they need, they perform exceedingly well," Dr. Cruz said when he made the announcement. "Schools and communities have a special responsibility to offer young men of color additional support as they challenge stereotypes and navigate adolescence into manhood. This support could be in the form of mentorship, connecting each student with an adult who champions him, someone he knows is in his corner and has his back."

The district thanks the AAUL for its generous commitment to share its members time and talent to be champions for the young men of Garcia.

Gus Garcia Young Men’s Leadership Academy Creed
I am a Young Man
I am my Brother’s Keeper
I take responsibility for my actions and the 
actions of my brothers
I take pride in my community and will work to 
make it a better place
I pledge to work hard in my classroom as well 
as in my extracurricular arena
I pledge to be a positive influence and 
successful in everything that I do
I will be a College Man, a Global Citizen, and a 
Life-Long Learner
I will be your friend, your brother, and your 
I look good
I feel good
I am a Gus Garcia man!​

 Interested in learning more? For information about the gala, please visit the AAUL's website. To read Dr. Cruz's message about AISD's participation in the My Brother's Keeper initiative, please visit the announcement website.