Mazda Promotes STEM Careers at Bowie and Akins High Schools

On Sept. 16–17, Akins and Bowie high school students learned about science, technology, engineering and math careers from Mazda racecar driver Joel Miller.

The driver is among a hand full of racers who is also a mechanical engineer, though Mazda also employs many engineers for a variety of professionals who work closely with the drivers—from those building the cars to those making sure the car performs at its best.

Mazda recently added school visits as part of its racing tour to ensure it has enough engineers for the future, stating that for each engineer that retires in the U.S., it needs to hire two more engineers.

“[This] is definitely a way to give back to a sport that has given me so much,” Miller said. “For me the driving is the number one priority, but [engineering] is another tool I can use from my toolbox.”

Mazda gave students examples of how it uses STEM in the motor sport industry, including making renewable diesel fuel from French fry oil, sensors that are shared between street cars and road cars, aerodynamics and math being used on the track.

“This is something that uses a very cool industry and we can show [students finding a career in STEM] is obtainable,” Miller said. Mazda shared many careers within the industry beyond racecar driving with students from marketing and promotions to being a lawyer or technician.

Students were given tickets to the Circuit of the Americas for its Lone Star Le Mans race this weekend to further show students STEM in action.

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