More Than 850 Volunteers Made Over Wooldridge Elementary School Saturday

Parents, students and teachers were in for a treat when they arrived at Wooldridge Elementary School on Monday.

More than 850 community members, including the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, North Austin Civic Association and the Austin Police Department gave the school a makeover over the weekend.

“The outpour of community service—more than 850 people showing their support—was amazing,” Principal Sherri Mull said. “The transformation has given everyone such a warm, community feel. 

Since the transformation, which included installing four new picnic tables, the principal has seen more parents come to eat lunch with their children outside.

In addition to picnic tables, the volunteers built a walkway from the parking lot to the front of the building, planted flowers, weeded and mulched all the flower gardens on campus, planted a wildflower garden, as well as painted columns inside the school.

“It was neat to see all the people who came and wanted to help make your school look pretty, even students from other areas of Austin,” Mull said. “I’ve been at this school for 24 years and the front of the school has never looked like it does now.”

She said the welcoming entrance has given students and teachers a renewed sense of pride.