Blackshear Elementary Becomes Fine Arts Academy

The Blackshear Elementary Fine Arts Academy is the first elementary school in Austin to offer its students expanded fine arts programming.

In addition to providing high-quality instruction in reading, math and science, Blackshear now offers instruction such as learning about the works of Shakespeare, performing Readers’ Theatre and creating full-length stage productions.

The Blackshear Fine Arts Academy also offers sessions for exploring choral and instrumental music, classical guitar, piano, dance, visual arts and virtual storytelling.

During the regular school day, students receive additional instruction in the fine arts with local artist mentors and Austin community organizations. Additionally, Blackshear is positioned as the starting point of expanded fine arts programs for a dynamic vertical school alignment with Kealing Middle School and McCallum Fine Arts High School.

Why a Fine Arts Academy?

Students who are exposed to fine arts throughout their schooling are much more likely to attend college, obtain employment and have a positive effect on their community. Academic advancements may be partially explained by the fact that students (and teachers) engaged in creative learning report being less bored in school.

Furthermore, all students are provided the opportunity to participate during the school day, ensuring 100 percent participation with consistent, sequential programming each school year.

Students eligible to enroll in the Austin ISD may request a transfer to the Blackshear Elementary Fine Arts Academy. We encourage you to contact us at (512) 414-2021 or at, and make an appointment to tour our facilities with your child. If you decide you would like your child to attend our academy, we can provide you with the necessary transfer form.

On-site childcare is available for infants through 3-year-olds by the Clubhouse Cadets. We also offer AISD tuition-supported pre-kindergarten for 4-year-olds.