2014 Curriculum Writers Cadre

The Curriculum Writers Cadre is an incredible opportunity for Austin ISD to rally around what matters most—the students of the district.

At the CWC, master teachers and content specialists will design and write curriculum, exemplar lessons and assessments with a focus on students developing literacy and biliteracy, evaluating their own learning, constructing meaning, and applying their learning authentically.

The CWC includes dedicated time to ensure quality control of all published curriculum guides and assessments.  These products will be available to all teachers through the Austin ISD curriculum management system. More than 250 master teachers will participate in this year's CWC.

The CWC includes differentiated professional learning and opportunities for groups to collaborate and create. Teachers will use their strengths and interests to incorporate tenets of whole child, authentic formative assessments, depth and complexity, 21st century thinking, and Understanding by Design, the curriculum development framework used by Austin ISD, in the development of products.

Participating teachers will direct their own learning during their time at the CWC through breakout sessions and the use of collaborative online tools.

Campus leadership is invited for several sessions during the CWC, including a coffee with the interim superintendent and the chief academic officer, an overview of the new math and science instructional materials, and opportunities to participate in the “Behind the Glass at the CWC” scavenger hunts to discover the depth of the learning and creation happening in multiple rooms and sessions.

The 2014 CWC will be three weeks, June 9–26, at Austin High School.