32 Students from Dobie Middle School Complete Half Marathon

Evan Gonzalez, eighth-grade social studies teacher at Dobie Middle School, first heard about the tremendous positive effect that Marathon High was having on East Los Angeles scholars when he ran a full marathon in Los Angeles this past summer. He petitioned for Dobie to be one of the pilot schools in the program in AISD, and after demonstrating that there was a huge need for something special like this on Dobie’s campus, convinced the right people to bring it to Austin.

Sarah Ripley (theatre), Xavi Juarez (sixth-grade world cultures) and Assistant Principal Fernando Rios all helped turn Mr. Gonzalez’s vision into a reality.

Of the 80 AISD students who crossed the finish line, 32 were from Dobie, and sponsors witnessed firsthand the change that these students underwent throughout the almost sixth-month journey of preparing for the half marathon and training with elite Addidas professional runners.

A parent night was held at Dobie the day before the marathon, where more than 35 families showed up to provide support and acknowledge the efforts of their scholars. Dobie had not housed so many parents in many years and their goal to unite the community in a shared positive endeavor became a reality.

The day of the marathon, teachers, students and parents showed up to cheer on the athletes. The program was a huge success, and has had a profound effect on Dobie's climate and culture! Hear firsthand about what the scholars got out if it by watching this video: http://vimeo.com/85784932.