Nine Things Graduates Should Do to Prepare for College

AISD counselors from each of our high schools will be available to help answer any questions seniors or their parents have regarding university or community college enrollment. Below is a list of common items needed to complete enrollment in college this fall. College acceptance materials will have other tasks that schools require and high school counselors can answer questions about financial aid, registering for classes and more.

Nine steps to making your college plans a reality

1. Contact your high school counselor if you need help over the summer. Counselors are available to help you with any challenges that arise.

2. Log on to your college’s personalized web site. Most colleges now provide a student online portal or website where you can check your financial aid status and other important deadlines. Your username and password were probably sent with your acceptance packet or in a separate letter/email. If you can’t find your username and password, contact your school’s admissions office.

3. Check the status of your financial aid:

  • Complete the FAFSA and apply for aid, if you haven’t already.
  • Check your most recent award letter and your personalized web site to see if there are additional steps you need to take to apply for aid.
  • If you are considering a financial aid appeal, contact your financial aid office to ask how to appeal.

4. If you have not done so already, register for your college’s orientation

  • Many colleges now hold required summer orientations for all first-year students. Register ASAP since many colleges hold their orientations early in summer.
  • Check what documents you are required to bring with you to orientation.
  • If you have missed orientation, contact your school immediately.

5. Check whether you need to complete placement testing before the start of the semester or before orientation. Colleges often require placement tests in math, reading, and writing. Some colleges do these tests at orientation, while others require you to take the tests online or on campus beforehand.

6. Complete any housing forms, if your college offers housing. Most colleges require you to pay a housing deposit and complete a housing form in order to be eligible for on-campus housing. Some colleges have limited housing, so do this ASAP.

7. Check when tuition bills are issued and when they are due. Talk with a counselor about how to pay whatever balance is left after your financial aid award or get guidance on setting up a tuition payment plan at your college.

8. Check your college’s policy on immunization requirements. You may need to submit proof of immunization or request a waiver from your college depending on your circumstances. This is especially true if you plan to live on campus.

9. Submit other required paperwork and documentation. If you have not submitted already, your college will expect to receive proof of your high school completion. You should confirm your final high school transcript and an official indication of your graduation has been sent to your college’s admissions office.


AISD Counselors by School

Akins Gloria E. Rodriguez


Teri Ochoa
Bowie Karina Reyna
Anderson Trisha Uhler
Joshua Barnham
Crockett Kristen Williamson
Eastside Memorial   Yesica Diaz
Garza Yvonne Espinoza
LBJ Sarah Magnelia
LASA Jamie Kocian
Lanier Connor Kincaid
McCallum Mindy Croom
Reagan Shannon Bergeron
Travis Alejandro Juarez
Ann RichardsEric Heineman


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