Employee Benefits for 2013-14

Dear AISD Colleagues,

As the school year comes to a close, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you do for our students and AISD community. As we turn our attention to the summer, we would like to draw your attention to the benefits AISD will be offering employees next year—and how you can ensure your health care coverage continues uninterrupted.

The district’s finance and human capital teams are pleased to announce that AISD will continue to offer one of the best benefits packages available to employees in Central Texas. Most AISD employees will continue to pay no monthly premium for the district’s standard benefits package, which offers more coverage than many insurance plans, including those offered by the Texas Retirement System.

As health care costs increase, so do premiums. Next year, AISD’s cost to provide benefits to employees will increase from $65 million to $70 million. We anticipate about 25 percent of employees will select an upgraded insurance plan for which they will pay an additional $71 per month.  Although it is unfortunate the district must increase the premium for employees who select the upgraded coverage, the rate remains much lower than comparable plans available in the marketplace.

During the past month, AISD has distributed information to all employees about the benefits options for next year, including a district-wide memo and an e-newsletter. The benefits team also will be reaching out to schools and to the bus barns to offer a video overview in English and Spanish for employees who may not have regular access to e-mail.

Watch the video in English and Spanish. Videos best viewed in Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

Additional communications are scheduled before the end of the school year and throughout the enrollment period in July, including telephone notifications. We also are pleased to announce the district has added:

  • More personal meeting times. AISD has expanded the number of in-person enrollment meetings—from one week at Akins and Lanier high schools to four weeks at each location.
  • More ways to enroll. The district is offering more ways for employees to sign up for coverage. There will be an option to enroll for benefits via telephone or online through a website, which is accessible internationally and has been designed to work with smart phones.
  • A new call center. The district has added a call center with benefits specialists who can answer employees’ questions.

At AISD, our most important asset is you—our employees. We are proud to offer comprehensive and competitive benefits options, which provide you with the resources, support and flexibility you need to maintain coverage for you and your family.

Please take this time to update your summer contact information to ensure you receive your benefits package, which contains important and valuable information about your options and the process to enroll, which is mandatory for all employees. If you do not enroll by Aug. 1, you will not automatically be enrolled in a benefits program.

If you have any questions, please call the benefits team at 414-1739 or visit www.austinisd.org/benefits.
Best regards,
Michael Houser                                                           Nicole Conley
Chief Human Capital Officer                           Chief Financial Officer

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