Linder Elementary Students Celebrate Academic Night

What do cooties, gooey worms and blueprints have in common?

All three were used recently to help students at Linder Elementary School explore and celebrate learning during the school’s annual Academic Night.

The event brings together staff members, students and their families to participate in learning activities and enjoy a dinner provided by the school’s Parent Teacher Association.

During this year’s March 7 Academic Night, students in grades first through fifth hosted activities in reading, math and science in an atmosphere of exploration, surprise and wonder.

Students got their hands dirty by digging in soil for worms to measure, making cootie catchers, which are an important endeavor for any reader, and navigating the complexities of computer hard drives. The event also featured a boat race, during which students raced tiny sailboats across a tub in the ‘deep blue sea’.

The school’s PTA provided attendees a hot dog feast, which made for a perfect sendoff for Spring Break.