Anderson HS Basketball Team Wins Big On and Off the Court

Anderson High School’s basketball team finished the season just one game short of qualifying for the 5A state finals but the team and its fans still have a lot to celebrate.

Every varsity player on the team made the All-District Academic Team and could likely make the All-State Academic Team, the highest statewide academic achievement for student-athletes.

Every varsity player on the team also had over a 90.25 grade point average (GPA) with six of the team’s 12 varsity players having a GPA over 100.

The varsity team also includes Alex Frame, a National Merit Finalist who scored among the top 1 percent of students in the nation on the SAT.

“It is phenomenal how these young men are able to play and practice at the intensity level needed to give in order to go so far into the playoffs while maintaining such high academic performance in a very highly competitive academic high school,” said Anderson High School Principal Donna Houser.